Touchless Automatic

Touchless Automatic


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Release Date: November 06, 2019
Catalog ID: NEF-54

Touchless Automatic is a long-play record by rock duo FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY, now available for the first time on CD, the first physical incarnation of the album. It was made with love in a warehouse and a messy bedroom. Rated T for Teen: because the band name has Fuck in it. Originally released in April 2016, Christopher Henry provides vocals, guitar, and bass, Roman Meisenberg provides drums and vocals, Angela Nagem provides violin and viola on “Waiting For The Horn”, and Rose Anne Heater adds backing vocals to “Alrighty Then.” The album was recorded and mixed by Henry, mastered by Justin Francis, and completed with cover art by Aiko Ling.

01 Alrighty Then
02 New Shoes
03 Dad Rock
04 Naked
05 Apple Tree
06 Bandwagon
07 Chalkboard
08 Waiting for the Horn
09 Soy Sauce
10 How Soon
11 No Green Light

Originally released April 7, 2016

Christopher Henry – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Roman Meisenberg – Drums, Vocals

Angela Nagem – Violin and Viola on “Waiting for the Horn”
Rose Anne Heater – Backing Vocals on “Alrighty Then”

Recorded & Mixed by Christopher Henry
Mastered by Justin Francis

Album art by Aiko Ling