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A Fucking Elephant // arbogast



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Release Date: October 05, 2010
Catalog ID: AFE-ARBO-7

A Fucking Elephant
01 Hexavalent Chromium and the Stereophonic Synergism
02 Emulsion Rash Effect

03  spiderbite
04 …of death

A Fucking Elephant is Matt and Greg
Recorded at Chumbuckets in New Brunswick, NJ
Engineered by Brian Buccellato
Marstered by Colin Marston at the Thousand Caves, Woodhaven, NY
Additional vocals on Emulsion Rash Effect by Ron Varod
All songs by A Fucking Elephant
Photography by Greg Meisenberg
Layout by Todd Steponick / Nice Looking Designs

arbogast is Rataj/Roemig/Scheid
Recorded at Stereophonic with Stu and Marshall 1/10
Mixed and mastered with Q at Gunpoint 3/10
Cover artwork by Aaron Block
All songs Mr Arms – Rataj/Roemig/Scheid