Music For Resistance Fantasies

Music For Resistance Fantasies


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Release Date: December 18, 2020
Catalog ID: NEF-63

01 Dreamy
02 Airy
03 Noisy
04 Spacy
05 Voxy
06 Dreamy Reprise

Accordion and effects performed and recorded by Benjamin Levitt at Forked Audio, Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by David Salierno. Cover photo by Benjamin Levitt, inner photo by Jon Burklund/Zanni Video. Layout and design by David Brenner/Gridfailure.

This music was composed and recorded for Marion Storm's Resistance Fantasies, Strategies for Moving Toward - and Against, performed at the Target Margin Theater in Brooklyn, NY as part of the 2019 Exponential Festival. As Storm put it, "a three-hour-long dance performance full of scores, group action, live composition, and deep listening.”

Megalophobe is very grateful to choreographer Marion Storm for inviting me and my music to be a part of her performance. And to the performers, Aye Eckerson, Ann-Marie Gover, Leanna Grennan, and Tara Sheena, for inspiring this composition and collaborating on the many hours of improvisation during the performances.