A Normal Temporary Reaction to Life Events

A Normal Temporary Reaction to Life Events


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Release Date: December 31, 2019
Catalog ID: NEF-59

A Normal Temporary Reaction to Life Events is an experimental rock album that sews together a kind of mental unravelling from sides both before and beyond sleep. It begins with lulling hypnotic guitar and drum loops and wades deeper and deeper into a psychedelic mess of anxiety and depression. The protagonist is worried about the future, afraid of riding ahead alone, and tries to gather confidence but breaks down at the awareness of reality's callousness. From here, he tries escapism via alcohol, and soon succumbs to vivid dreams of: being lost in the Daisetsu mountains; hypothermia; autosarcophagy; and then being transported through dream-death to a world in which the only currency is hope itself. He stands in the metro station with his wallet empty. He becomes torn between asking for help or hiding behind a phone screen. The listener must then make the choice - repeat the cycle with the comfort of familiarity, or go it alone.

A Normal Temporary Reaction to Life Events is HUMANS ETCETERA’s 10th full-length album. It was written and recorded incrementally from November 2016 to October 2019 in Wenzhou, China. Thanks for your support!

01 Dreamlife
02 Post-Art Panic
03 Afraid To Be Afraid
04 This Sucks
05 Lemon
06 For The Sake of Truth
07 Big Snow Mountain
08 Ouroboros
09 Metro Stops: Trojan Hopes
10 Metro Stops: Odd Dreams
11 Metro Stops: Looping Fears
12 Black Friday (bonus track)
13 The Party Is Over (bonus track)

Christopher Henry: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keys, xylophone, sampling

Recorded and mixed by Christopher Henry in Wenzhou, China
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering

Album artwork by Christopher Henry