Uninvited Savior
Brenner & Molenaar

Uninvited Savior


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Release Date: January 31, 2020
Catalog ID: NEF-55

Uninvited Savior is a massive droning collaboration between Christian Molenaar, the primary fulcrum of San Diego’s intense free-jazz/noise collective THOSE DARN GNOMES, and David Brenner, hostile alchemist of New York City-area harsh experiment GRIDFAILURE. On Uninvited Savior, these two experimentalists take a sidecar to their usual outlets to collaborate on a spacious vortex of imploding spiritual psychosis.

The medieval wheel of pestilence broken in three: the trigeminal pestis lemniscus, communicating pain, heat and feeling from the eyes, the face and the mucous membranes. Epithelial noise piled high atop a lamina propria of reappropriated cult noumena, riddled with the stabwounds of infinite lacerating rete pegs and micro-papal papillae. Encased in the acoustic gingiva of Gothic organum and perforated by spires of extra-liminal electroacoustics, a foundational layer of pious hierophants and haruspices scream down the moon.

Infusing vocals, electric/acoustic/bass/pedal steel guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, organs, xylophone, harmonica, 1970s cult field recordings, resynthesis, tape manipulation, contact mic and power electronics effects, and other instrumentation tactics embodied in a vaporous haze, the three lumbering movements range between twenty and thirty-five minutes in length. All said, Uninvited Savior suspends the listener within its abyssal vacuum for more than eighty-one minutes.

01 Burial Delirium
02 Transfixed
03 Hallelujah (27 Years)

Recorded by David Brenner at The Compound in Valley Cottage, New York and Christian Molenaar at Apollo’s Crotch in San Diego, California.

Mix and mastered Christian Molenaar.

Artwork and layout by David Brenner.